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Silver Tongues, "Black Kite"


What started as a pet project in solitude blossomed into a remarkable fusion of enduring songs with effortless musicianship. Silver Tongues explores life’s beautiful and harsh moments with an unblinking eye, all while infusing a feeling that there will be a fortunate resolution. No thought or idea is out of bounds with this band, which is obvious in the wide array of styles on the Louisville group’s debut album, Black Kite.

Silver Tongues has made music here that gives aural tangibility to human emotions depending on who the listener is. While Black Kite is atypical, it pleasantly sounds like a soundtrack score meshed with singer-songwriter material and confessional all at once. This is music for large places … May it find such places in the world. —Deckfight

While Black Kite’s songs draw influence from well-worn, easily identified traditions — country, blues, folk and 1960s rock — they are just warped and strange enough to be interesting. — Dusted

Silver Tongues … have kept all doors open to themselves by making a record where each song stands easily on its own. — Altsounds