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Shipping News, "One Less Heartless To Fear"

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Shipping News has been a band since 1996, when they composed music for the radio program “This American Life.” They have released four albums on Quarterstick Records and have toured the USA and Europe several times with the bands Three Second Kiss, Uzeda, Shannon Wright and others.

In 2006 they toured Japan for the first time and in 2008 played at the Primavera Festival in Barcelona. They recorded their most recent album One Less Heartless To Fear live at the all-ages venue Skull Alley in Louisville, Ky., and at the O-Nest in Tokyo, Japan.

One Less Heartless To Fear is the first new full-length album from Shipping News since 2010, and a helluva lot has happened in the last five years. Two weddings, fatherhood, serious illness, a presidential election, multiple wars, city moves, two Batman films and lots of time with friends playing songs. These things seem to have inspired the band to make their most aggressive and adolescent album to date. Shipping News has jettisoned the long songs (and glacial tempos) of the past and is concentrating on energetic blasts of noisy rock (with a little gallows humor thrown in). While slipping into a slightly more sympathetic mood once or twice, the new songs are stripped down and pretty much nasty. This album marks the 14th year of the band’s existence. One Less Heartless To Fear features seven brand new songs and two “oldies” recorded live on a digital multitrack system at the all-ages venue Skull Alley (Louisville) and The O-Nest (Tokyo).

Band Photo: Chris Higdon
Album Cover Art: Dan McCarthy

Habitually purveyors of precise, geometric post-rock garnished with whispered, ephemeral vocals, the grammatically doubtful One Less Heartless To Fear finds the quartet in more punishing mode. — MOJO

Shipping News continues to be the band they always were – a smart and sinister cult, concocting mind-expanding sludge punk for the thinking man and woman. — The Decibel Tolls

… furious at times and sarcastic at others, and almost always relentless. — Dusted